Sarah Pearson-Wood

“I had been following Natasha or a short while, and I really liked the way she presented her brand;
confident, but without any hype. She personally came across as very authentic and as someone I
could trust with work, that to me seemed quite personal and intimate. It was key to me work with someone who felt trustworthy and authentic.

During our package I billed my biggest month ever – which was double the target I’d set myself and trip[le my normal monthly revenue. It has had a massive impact on my business and self-belief, and I ended 2019 on a massive high. I also have the self-belief that this is the new normal and not a one off.

I feel like I’ve gathered and found myself again. There’s a clarity and calmness, that I haven’t felt for a while. I feel in control and powerful in what I can achieve, do and be. I’m not
second guessing anymore, I’m moving forward, taking action.

If you are thinking of working with Natasha – do it! Natasha is a skilled practitioner, who made me feel at ease and safe straight away. I loved the focus working 1:1 with Natasha so much that I’ve decided to continue and do some further work in one of her small group programmes too.”