Saffron Pallister

I knew I needed to deeply heel and go through my past experiences but I was only willing to do this work with someone I truly believed could help me. I also wasn’t sure whether a group experience would be right for me…however I like the fact I am not on my own going through the work in the Ultimate Uplevel Academy and the energy in the group is amazing ✨
Only a 1/4 way in and I feel like I’m on a journey that I have been trying to get on for a long time, to love myself unconditionally and to allow myself to process painful aspects of my life and understand clearly how this holds me back in growing my buisiness. I had a basic understanding of how self sabotage works and knew i was guilty of it – but seriously the aha moments and clarity I’m getting are so powerful for my development and buisiness growth.
I already feel shifts in my personal life, relationships, self trust, buisiness shifts, and huge awareness of past relationships, and how to have faith in continuing to lead with love confidently and deeply.
Natasha is an absolute genius in her work, he knowledge and expertise is out of this world. She is an amazing gifted woman and I found her when I needed this healing the most. There is no one like Natasha Leigh Bray she is unique and a beautiful person.
I’m so happy I followed my instict and decided to work with Natasha Leigh Bray – Life changing…I can’t wait for the next module and my future now 💛