Jo Swann

Meet the wonderful Jo Swann, Chocolate PR who hit her 2 best consistent top revenue months since our package together. She was experiencing huge peaks and troughs and really just wanted to have the consistency she needed to reach her big 2020 goals.

She came too me feeling stuck and questioning why she wasn’t able to have the consistently big months. She didn’t have what we consider ‘huge’ trauma in her background but you’ll be surprised by the things that hold you back.

I was able to assess her situation and offer a holistic approach to self, past relationships, emotions, business and money mindset issues that were blocking her next level of success.

The result?

➡️She now now truly believes in herself as a leader in her industry (the way other people already see her).
➡️She is selling her highest priced packages with total ease with rock solid confidence knowing the value she brings.
➡️new clients coming in out of nowhere starting her year off as she means to go on.
➡️ Knowing her worth
➡️ completely transformed her money mindset and has taken control over her financial success.
➡️improved home relationships
➡️feels on track to rock her best ever launch

She said: “I had instant results. It’s crazy how fast things changed. I feel like a totally different person! I chose Natasha to work with because I trusted that she would deliver and make an impact. Before I had hit a glass ceiling. I actually believe that I will have that next level of success I’ve set for myself this year now.”