I joined Natasha’s matron program for the Ultimate Uplevel Academy and it has been AMAZING.
Her program along with the help, guidance and love of her Team (Amy and Carm) and my accountability partner Traci, have seriously empowered me to OWN September.
Win # 1: I created a new business that turned one month old on 9/22!
Through this new business, I have been happier as an entrepreneur more than ever before!
I have subtitled it as a “Passion Projects Production Company” for my creative work like art and writing and have already celebrated these wins as well:
#2: self-designed a beautiful logo, brand and website with the major social media platforms integrated
#3: became a registered and verified seller on 5 different major sales platforms
#4: created a funnel with the help of another wonderful entrepreneur
#5: created my first free webinar
#6: received production for my poetry
#7: I have also drafted my first $43K/1 Year proposal for an entirely new goverment-education based client that I’ve never serviced before, which was completely out of the blue!
#8: I have also gained my first team member who came to me asking to work for free in exchange for guidance and mentorship.
#9: I was accepted into a co-authorship for a women’s diary
#10: launched the pre-order portal and production schedule for my first book which is an autobiography and have all these other projects, features and opportunities lined up.