Swapna Thomas

I started working with Natasha in her group programme right before the pandemic hit and I am SO grateful to my past self that I signed up with her.

Because the last 4 months have seen me catapult into 5 figure months with back to back successful launches, a massive increase in visibility and an amazing transformation in my personal energy.

Within one group call, Natasha was able to identify the wound I had been carrying around and which was making me doubt myself and second guess my intuition and she helped me heal it almost in a magical way.

I thought I didn’t have any trauma in my life but Natasha helped me see that our definition of trauma doesn’t always include those moments that made a massive impact on our psyche and created limiting beliefs and patterns that are still running our life.

It was one of the best investments I have made in my business till now and I have now signed up to the Ultimate Uplevel Academy for 6 months more of soaking up Natasha’s wisdom and creating a whole new level in my business. 💜