Dana Owens

How Natasha helped Dana Owens rewrite her limiting beliefs, find balance, and step up in her business

“I’m astonished by the way my mindset has changed. It kind of feels like magic, but the impact on my life and happiness has been very, very real.”

When Dana Owens discovered Natasha Bray’s course Loving Yourself to Success, she was knee-deep in a huge life transition.

She’d begun the process of separating from her husband of ten years, and had recently moved into her own apartment, which she’d assumed full financial responsibility for. Shortly after moving in, her freelance copywriting business took some major hits, with two long-term retainer clients unexpectedly scaling back their work, cutting her income in half.

Dana soon found herself anxious and overwhelmed, not only struggling to reclaim her independence after ten years of marriage, but needing to restructure her business quickly in order to pay her bills.

“It was such a scary and confusing time,” Dana said. “I hadn’t been fully independent in so long, so just getting used to that was an adjustment, but then having the bottom fall out financially sent me into a tailspin. It was a total sink-or-swim situation.”

An avid student of personal growth, Dana knew that despite feeling like she was in crisis, her situation held a huge opportunity for positive change — both personally and professionally — if she allowed it.

She knew that in order to rebuild her business she needed to address her mindset, and finally confront the limiting beliefs that had held her back for years.

“I’d always had big dreams for my copywriting business but I’d let fear get in the way every time,” Dana said. “Instead of being visible in my business, I’d hidden behind retainer clients because it made me feel safe. But now the only way forward was to stop hiding and show up 100%.”

Dana’s main question was how?

“I’d read countless personal development books and tried courses in the past, but nothing stuck,” Dana said. “I knew I needed a totally different approach if I was ever going to get passed my mindset issues.”

She’d heard about Natasha through Facebook and was intrigued by her unique therapeutic style, especially the focus on mindset at the subconscious level. Figuring she had nothing to lose, she signed up for Loving Yourself to Success.

As the course started, Dana was surprised at how multi-faceted the curriculum was, including a deep analysis of the current state of her business and earnings, strategies for organic marketing, and mindset work both conscious and subconscious.

She said she began having lightbulb moments almost immediately, including finally uncovering the root cause of her limiting beliefs.

“I discovered that all of my limiting beliefs could be traced back to the core belief of ‘I am not enough,’ Dana said. “As I became aware of my thoughts and negative self-talk, I was shocked to see how I was constantly reinforcing that belief to myself. It was freeing to realize I’d finally found the root.”

Through Natasha’s approach, Dana began to tap into this limiting belief, rewriting ‘I am not enough’ with the new belief that she was enough.

It didn’t take long for her to notice changes in her life.

“I began to have this tangible feeling that I truly was enough,” Dana said. “That feeling propelled me to take massive steps in my business. I repositioned myself in a much bolder way, I started showing up on sales calls with confidence, I asked for higher rates, and I started delivering higher quality work. Everything felt different.”

Taking these steps has led to significant business growth, including a big jump in monthly income.

“New clients and opportunities started coming my way, and my income started to grow,” Dana said. “I went from $3k-4k months to $6k months. Then up to $7,500 and most recently, I had my first $9k month. The crazy part was it didn’t feel difficult — it felt like it was just the beginning of what I’m capable of.”

Dana said one surprising result from her work with Natasha has been her ability to embrace time off.

“Before Loving Yourself to Success, I was constantly stressed about work, always feeling behind, like there was always something I should be doing,” Dana said. “Taking time off to recharge felt irresponsible. But a natural result of this process has been that I’ve become so much more productive. I actually have time for self-care now, and I have zero guilt about taking time off. I view it as a gift I give myself so that I can continue to produce at a high level.”

Dana said choosing to work with Natasha and participate in Loving Yourself to Success was the best decision she could’ve made for her life and her business.

“I started this process filled with anxiety, with no idea how I was going to make it on my own, let alone create the business I’d always dreamed of,” Dana said. “When I’d feel unsure or doubtful of myself, I’d spend so much time wondering what was wrong with me. But now I know that nothing’s wrong with me — there’s just something blocking me. Loving Yourself to Success helped me remove those blocks.

“I now know that no matter what life throws at me, I’m going to be fine. It’s amazing the difference when you truly believe in yourself and know that you’re enough.”