Skye Barbour

How Natasha helped Skye Barbour trust and believe in herself — as well as triple her income

“I know now that I don’t have to stay stuck and I don’t have to live with negative thoughts. I can choose to do it differently.”

When leadership coach Skye Barbour realized she needed to work with Natasha, she was aware there were mental barriers keeping her from moving forward in her business — yet she couldn’t put her finger on what they were.

One thing she knew for sure, however, was that she wasn’t taking action, despite having a business coach who’d created some amazing plans for her.

“I loved my business and knew I could make a difference, but I found taking action really, really hard,” Skye said. “My business coach was asking me to do things like put out a different offer to a new audience, get my tech in line, and reach out to people to make sales, but I wasn’t doing it.”

Skye said her lack of action had created a plateau in her income, stagnating at around £3,000 — £4,000 per month. She was frustrated — and confused.

“I wanted to do the things my business coach was telling me to do and I knew I wasn’t a lazy person,” Skye said. “I knew what to do and that I could do it, so why was I never doing it? I wasn’t making the most of my investment with my coach and she was getting frustrated with me, too. But other things were just always more important than taking the action I needed to take.”

Skye had worked with Natasha in the past and was one of her first clients when she’d started offering business success transformation work. Their work together had helped Skye find her path as a leadership coach, a niche that felt like the perfect fit.

So, Skye met with Natasha one night, and told her about her struggles. In response, Natasha had Skye make a list of all the things she thought were holding her back. Her list ran a full two pages.

“I wrote down things like, ‘Why would someone want me over someone else?’” Skye said. “‘Who am I to be thinking that I’m really good at this?’ and ‘People don’t need the skills I have to offer.’ Everything revolved around my lack of confidence in myself and my belief that I wasn’t enough.”

Natasha looked at Skye’s list and offered up some advice.

“Natasha said, ‘I used to have all of the things on your list — and now I don’t. You need my signature group programme’”

Skye agreed and signed up, willing to let the process unfold. She trusted Natasha and liked the unique approach of the program.

“I liked that it didn’t cover one principle thing,” Skye said. “It encompasses money mindset, self-sabotage, visibility, and self-belief. I felt really confident in how the program could apply to me in all of these different areas.”

Once the program started, Skye said she was shocked at what came up in the first module. She uncovered that she’d been subconsciously seeking her dad’s approval and had put him on a pedestal, even when he doubted her opinions or decisions.

Then, a little later in the program, she discovered she had a major issue with self-sabotage, ironically procrastinating on completing the Self-Sabotage module for four months!

Skye said when she finally did complete the module, she saw a huge change in her business.

“Before the module on Self-Sabotage, my income had grown to £5,000 months,” Skye said. “But when I finally did it, my income grew even more, and has grown and grown ever since. I had my first £10K month, I’ve had high-level clients want to work with me, and I’ve mostly stopped putting things in my way.”

Skye said working with Natasha as a whole has helped her business in so many ways. She’s no longer procrastinating on invoicing and has hired someone to help her, she’s now super visible online and offline, even speaking on stage, and she’s become more decisive, which has resulted in a business income that’s tripled — and is set to quadruple.

But the best part?

Skye now has the self-belief and self-trust she needs for continued success.

“I really know what my skills are now and I’m owning it,” she said. “I know that I’m damn good at what I do. I’m now able to trust my instincts about what I need to do and listen to my own inner thoughts, as opposed to what other people are telling me to do.”

This increased level of self-belief has resulted in improved relationships with the people in her life, but most notably, with herself.

“I can’t remember the last time I told myself something negative,” Skye said. “It used to be an everyday thing, but I’m so much kinder and more supportive to myself — and it feels really nice.”

Skye said she appreciates Natasha and her group work not only for the results they bring, but also because they’re one of a kind.

“The thing that’s different about Natasha’s work is that besides getting the course, you also get Natasha’s intuition as well,” Skye said. “She is so intuitive and she can see through things — it’s like she has X-ray vision. This course has felt so much more supported than anything else I’ve ever done — and I’ve spent £60k on personal development. Her course has delivered more than all of that. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked with some brilliant people, but her programme has been totally unique.”

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