Andrea Brewer

How Natasha Bray helped Andrea Brewer develop the self-love and self-trust she needed to book her first paying clients, triple her prices and improve her relationships

“I committed to the process and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

When Andrea Brewer decided to sign up for a one to one package with Natasha Bray, she had one major problem in her health coaching business: she was afraid to get started.

She’d done the difficult inner work to figure out what she wanted to do and who she wanted to serve, but she couldn’t get herself to actually do it — and she didn’t quite know why.

“I was finishing up my certification with the Health Coach Institute and I had my bachelors in social science with a concentration in education, yet I continually felt that I was inadequate and needed more before I could start my business,” Andrea said. “I was afraid to be visible, and when I was being visible I wouldn’t ask for very much. I was coaching people for free because I was new.

“I knew that I wanted to grow my business, but I was terrified — and I finally got to the point where I needed to figure out why I was so terrified and what was blocking me.”

Andrea had followed Natasha’s posts on Facebook for a few months and couldn’t deny she was intrigued. Then, Natasha posted an infographic of the four types of “inner child wounds” and Andrea came face to face with her biggest issues, mainly around trust.

“I had every single symptom of the Trust Wound,” Andrea said. “I thought, ‘How can I fix this?’ I knew it was time to ask for Natasha’s help.”

Andrea said the timing was perfect, if not serendipitous, as just the day before she’d been meditating and realized it was time to stretch herself and put herself out there in new ways. Despite this recognition, however, she admits she was hesitant about the financial investment involved.

“I’d never put that type of investment into something as condensed as the 1 month package,” Andrea said. “I was scared, but I realized that I’d been asking for help for so long and here was Natasha, who’d been speaking to me for months whether she knew it or not. I knew she was the one I’d been asking for. I finally said to myself, ‘If I expect myself to be stretched, then I need to show that in my business.’ So, I committed to the work and the investment, even though I was afraid.”

Andrea said she was really nervous before her first session with Natasha but knew their work together would be powerful — and worth it.

“The feeling in my stomach before our first session was crazy because there’s something terrifying about going into the recesses of your mind,” Andrea said. “I had to make a conscious choice to face my fear and speak my truth as I know it. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t uncomfortable, but it was worth it. I wanted the outcome of the work much more than I wanted to stay uncomfortable being stuck where I was.”

Through their sessions together, Natasha used her unique deep healing approach to success, to help Andrea explore her issues with trust, being bullied as a child, and her tendencies to be introverted to protect those around her from the “monster” she viewed herself to be.

Andrea said that, despite the heavy topics, Natasha’s demeanor put her quickly at ease.

“I don’t think anyone could’ve made me more comfortable than Natasha did,” Andrea said. “I’ve been to a therapist before and I just locked up, but with Natasha, I trusted her demeanor and her approach, and I liked that our sessions were virtual. It wasn’t as intense and I was able to be in my own space. Plus, she’d already taken the journey I was walking down myself, so it was like she was there in front of me, holding up a lamp.”

As their sessions progressed, Andrea discovered that she needed to heal her lack of self-love as well as her subconscious belief that it wasn’t safe for her to be successful. Natasha’s therapeutic style, guidance and her unique framework, were the perfect tools to prompt that healing.

The results have been amazing.

Andrea has since left her full-time corporate job to focus exclusively on her health coaching business. She’s tripled the price of her 12-week coaching package and acquired three new clients within the first week of doing so — even before her business officially launched.

She’s stopped procrastinating on the back-end tasks of her business and has started taking action, all propelled with a new belief in herself.

“I now speak to myself with love,” Andrea said. “I no longer have an ‘I can’t do this’ mentality. Instead of being crippled by anxiety and accomplishing nothing for 2-3 hours like I used to, I tell myself that I can do anything and figure out anything because I was designed to be successful.”

Andrea’s relationships have improved, too. She said her marriage has never been better and she’s incredibly involved with her kids, having seen a powerful shift in the way she’s been able to offer them affection.

“There was a moment with my daughter when she was lying in my lap and I found myself playing with her hair,” Andrea said. “In the past, I’ve always needed to remind myself to be affectionate — it needed to be intentional. But I was playing with her hair, just naturally. It was my new state of being. It was a moment of peace and it was unforced.

“Business stuff aside, that alone was the moment I knew my purpose. I thought, ‘This is happiness — this is why I’m here.’”

Andrea said that even though the work was difficult, it was the best thing she’s ever done — and it’s a gift available to anyone.

“For anyone who’s serious about working on themselves, Natasha’s work is the bridge from where you are now to the potential you know is waiting for you on the other side,” Andrea said. “Her focus is on you, and I think that’s what sets her apart from other programs about money and success. She helps you see that you hold the key to your own success — the source of your own abundance is you.”