Lisa Pierce

How Natasha helped Lisa Pierce skyrocket her confidence, get fully booked with clients, and bust through new levels of income

“Working with Natasha has been amazing. It’s definitely moved me forward in my business.”

Before Lisa Pierce began working with Natasha Bray, she was at a crossroads. She’d been running her own business as an online marketing manager for awhile, helping business owners with the technical aspects of their sales and marketing. While she loved the work and had a few clients, she wasn’t making enough income to justify her hard work, so she’d begun contemplating going back to a traditional corporate job.

“Things were going well, but I wasn’t reaching the income I wanted to hit,” Lisa said. “I was thinking, ‘Should I just get a job?’ I was working really hard but I wasn’t making enough money to feel like it was worth it. I was stuck at the £2,000 a month mark. It was the amount I needed to make, but it wasn’t enough to pay for the things I really wanted to do.”

Lisa knew there were mental barriers blocking her progress. She’d worked with Natasha in the past and had seen lots of success, finally being able to move from part-time freelance work to launching her current business, as well as working through her issues with self-belief.

But now she needed another push — and questioned the best way to get the income boost she was after.

“My goal is financial freedom,” Lisa said. “I’ve got debts to pay off and I want to go on holidays and not always be saving, saving, saving, hoping nothing happens, like my car breaks down. I want to be comfortable and save for retirement. I thought a job might help me earn more, even though the lifestyle isn’t at all what I want as the mum of two kids.”

Lisa wasn’t sure what to do — and then she heard about Natasha’s signature group programme, as well as Natasha’s unique organic marketing strategies that she used to grow her own business to six figures and beyond.

Lisa didn’t hesitate.

“I said, ‘That it. I’m doing it,’” Lisa said. “I know this stuff works and I know I need to do more. I’d also seen how successful Natasha was and I knew I’d be learning the strategies that worked for her.”

So, Lisa stopped thinking about getting a corporate job and put her full attention on growing her business. Short on funds to invest in the programme, she charged monthly payments to her credit card and got started.

It didn’t take long for her to see great results, which she credits to the powerful combination of work included in the programme.

“Natasha’s approach was so powerful for me, and I cleared up issues I developed as a child about not being good enough,” Lisa said. “It’s the deep inner work that allows you to take action on the strategies you’re learning, and once you take that action you see the results.”

Lisa said the tipping point for her business came in the visibility module. Up until that point she’d been petrified to put herself out there in social media posts and, especially, live videos.

Despite her fear, she did the work and followed Natasha’s guidance — then everything started to change.

“When I started doing the visibility strategies, things skyrocketed for me and I have not stopped since,” Lisa said. “I’m now totally booked up with clients.”

The strategies were so successful that with one social media post she made back her programme investment.

“I did one post using Natasha’s strategies and I got four clients,” Lisa said. “It was amazing and I got so excited because I could see the strategies working. I made the money I’d spent on the course back in that one post.”

More clients bring more income, and Lisa has been thrilled with the way hers has grown. She saw an increase to £3k months almost immediately after starting the programme, and has since had some £5k months, too.

“It’s been amazing,” Lisa said. “I’m now fully booked with 1:1 clients and I’m ready to raise my prices again. I’m also ready to take on a team, and I’m thinking about running a group programme as well.”

Along with her business, Lisa has been thrilled with the change she’s seen herself. She said she feels more assured and can now go to in-person events and talk with others comfortably and confidently.

Plus, thanks to the module on money, she’s now got a plan for how much she wants to earn to create more financial freedom, as well as a plan for how to achieve it.

With all of this growth in Lisa’s business and life, she doesn’t want it to stop. So, she’s signed on to other programmes with Natasha.

She said she’s excited for the next level in her business, which will hopefully include a group programme to create some passive income as well as another jump in income to £8,000-£10,000 months.

Whatever is in store, Lisa feels ready, thanks to the work and support she received through Natasha’s programme and unique approach.

“My work with Natasha has been invaluable,” Lisa said. “She’s special in what she does and what she delivers, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. Her programme has genuinely changed my life.”