The Power of Authenticity

Authenticity is something we all want to have in our lives. For many, it’s about the power to be you. To love, trust and respect yourself and your opinions, beliefs and thoughts and be guided by that authenticity. For others, it’s the freedom to live an unfiltered life, where you’re unapologetically you.

In business especially, authenticity is a word that’s freely branded around as a way to build trust and likeability. However, once we start paying attention to their actions, we’re often left disappointed by their inauthenticity.

Authenticity may be powerful and freeing, but for many women, it’s something they struggle to adopt and implement. The wounds of the past hold them back and putting on a brave face is something that’s been done so often, they don’t know what is and isn’t real anymore.

So why do so many women struggle to be authentic? And how can you learn to embrace authenticity in your life and business?

What it means to be authentic

It starts by understanding what it really means to be authentic.

Authenticity isn’t about being loud and arrogant, it’s about being yourself in a way that’s transparent, raw, honest and vulnerable. The authentic woman is someone who isn’t afraid to speak her truth and do what she loves. She listens to her thoughts and inner guidance and is present in the moment, safe in the knowledge that she isn’t held back of filtered in any way. Authenticity is about being real.

Authenticity is also powerful. It’s about having the power to be you and to live life on your own terms. To love, trust and respect yourself and your opinions, beliefs and thoughts. Your behaviour is consistent no matter what the situation and your thoughts, actions and words are loving and unified. You’re happy to own how strong and loving it feels, to stand in your own light and power.

Inauthenticity, however, leaves you feeling socially and personally awkward at times. Resentful of others and scared to speak your mind, in case others may negatively react. There’s a deep fear that others won’t like you or will be upset in some way by you – or you, them. This often leaves you feeling scared, misunderstood and fearing that no one knows the ‘real you’.

Why so many women struggle with authenticity

So why this struggle to be authentic? There are so many reasons you may feel this way. However, in my experience, the clients who come to me for RTT usually have one or more of the following fears and limitations:

  • Being vulnerable has negative connotations for you.
  • Accepting yourself doesn’t feel good or achievable.
  • There’s a deep-rooted fear around not being worthy of love and acceptance.
  • You’re either holding back from something or holding too much in. Control is something you need or crave.
  • Scared to step up or stepping forward opens up that fear of the unknown.
  • Worrying what others think and people-pleasing is default behaviour for you.
  • Perfectionism is a consistent need.
  • Comparing yourself to someone else’s end result is something you often do – leading to self-doubt, guilt or jealousy.

How to step into the power of authenticity

So how do you learn to lean into the power of authenticity? You start by forgiving yourself.

Forgive yourself for your past mistakes. Forgive yourself for your past thoughts and actions. It’s only when we learn to forgive ourselves for our past, that we can start to embrace ourselves and our future.

To step into authenticity, you need to be willing and open to change. Whether it’s your habits, thoughts or actions, a desire to learn will help you take that step towards authenticity – but then you need to actually take the step. Commit to putting in the work and doing what’s needed.

And finally, know that it’s a journey. As with anything, past traumas, negative mindsets and fears or phobias often have roots in our past – but they can also be ingrained in lots of different areas of our lives. So be gentle with yourself and know that you’re on the right path – no matter how long that path may be.

My unique approach combining advanced hypnotherapy. an my  S.U.C.C.E.S.S Formula™ can help you quickly clear up a lot of wounds created by your past. Whether you feel like you aren’t enough, aren’t loved or you don’t feel worthy of love, happiness or success, holding onto that hurt can stop you stepping into the power of your own authenticity. If you’d like help clearing your past so you can step into your authenticity, why not make that first step and book a call – let’s have a chat and see how we can help clear the way so you can experience the power of your authenticity.

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