Why You Are Struggling to Hit Your Income Goals

In 2017 I had the goal of six figures in my business. I had it written on a post it note and stuck on my vision board. I missed it by a mile! To be truthful I didn’t even hit half that. But I still grew my business 25% on the year before despite all the difficulties I was going through with post natal depression and becoming a single mum when my baby was just 10 months old.

Fast forward to 2018…. I announced in the book I co-authored in March 2018 (Mumpreneur on Fire 2) that I was going to grow my business to six figures. Every day since March I wrote out the affirmation : I am a six figure business owner (along with other things). In November I reached six figures in cash sales.

In fact my November sales was 7x more than the sales I made in January. Yes really!!!

So what was different?

The year before I had been coming from a place of believing ‘I am not enough’. I wanted it but my actions didn’t demonstrate I truly believed I was worthy. I was in a relationship I didn’t want to be in. The post natal depression and birth issues I experienced left me feeling like I wasn’t good enough as a mother or woman. This gives mixed signals to the universe – on one hand (on the surface level) I’m saying I want to attract 6 figures into my business , and on the other I’m putting out this message that I’m not enough, I’m not worthy of deserving of such success. I also hadn’t fully committed to my business – I was too scared to leave my social work career and the consistent income. Again the subconscious belief that I couldn’t achieve financial abundance and the salary I needed through my business.

The problem? Conflicting beliefs.

Your subconscious beliefs are more powerful than your conscious desires. You can do all the manifesting and work you want, but if you haven’t changed those deep beliefs you won’t get what you desire. Your action taking is not coming from a place of true self belief. This is where it feels like you are just stuck and not moving your business forward no matter what you do!

What was different about 2018?

1. I gave up my social work job and fully committed to my business, giving the message that now I believed in myself fully as well as believed in my business.

2. I publicised my goals to a huge audience through my book and on social media, and wrote the affirmation every day ‘I am a six figure business owner’. No backing out of that goal now! Give it a try.

3. I left the relationship that wasn’t serving me and attracted one a million times better. Self worth = net worth!

4. I invested in myself with more training that would establish me as an expert in my field and developed my own systems and strategies that work for my clients.

5. I faced old childhood wounds and removed toxic and unsupportive people from my life. How can you truly believe you deserve abundance and success if you surround yourself with people who don’t believe in you?

6. I worked on overcoming old beliefs that you can’t have money and love or that money makes you an evil person. I removed my fears about money!

7. I set a monthly money goal, and every day I write down how much money I want to attract that day, I track money and reassess and recalculate my daily goals to ensure I hit my goal by the end of the month. I write it down every day to attract and manifest it. Check out the Lucky Bitch money tracker app by Denise Duffield Thomas.

8. I read the ‘Profit first’ book and implemented the strategies into my business at the start of the year.

9. I stopped coming from a place of lack and gave away more value with monthly free challenges and upgraded all my services and programmes. I helped more people freely and yet still attract more money- who would have thought it?! Focus on service and the sales will come.

10. I had therapy to remove my limiting beliefs and blocks around not being good enough and heal the root cause of any self sabotage. This literally blew my mind and led to huge jumps in my income.

Hope you found this useful.

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Love Natasha x

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