Joanna Hall

I’d been running my own consultancy business for a year, had a clear compelling mission, knew who my ideal clients were, read all the books about it and yet I was stuck. I’d done the strategy work and goal setting. All good business practices were in place but something was holding me back and I couldn’t think what it was. Through a recommendation, I connected with Natasha. I instantly knew I wanted her to help me.

After our initial call I signed up for her package there and then. And OMG I now feel so free, confident, productive, creative and UNSTUCK! I am consistently being visible online, happy to share my views and even doing videos (and without makeup!). I don’t procrastinate, nor overthink or go round in circles anymore. I have self-belief and I feel full of energy. I’ve almost doubled my LinkedIn connections, had great engagement with all my posts, launched a podcast in a record amount of time and a Masterclass too. I’ve achieved more for my business in one month than I have in the last year! Time will tell how many clients I attract, but I feel alive and passionate about what I do and I’m happy to share my advice and experience like never before.

I’m really positive about the future and I’m most definitely enjoying being my true self, thanks to Natasha.