Christy Jones Bartelt

In 2019 I discovered Natasha when a friend referenced one of her posts. After that I followed her for months considering the offers she was putting out but never pulling the trigger to join one of her courses. Until she announced her 1:1 Mastermind. I knew immediately I wanted to join, paid in full in December waiting impatient for the January start date to come around.

Coming into 2020 I already knew intuitively my business would be shifting gears and expanding and I raised my prices even before starting the mastermind. Natasha often talks about clients signing up for her work and seeing a change even before starting, I’m 100% an example of that.

About 2/3 of the way through the Mastermind I put my prices up again (during the Pandemic!)…doubling that new rate I set in January and having clients book at my new price with ease. I’ve always generated amazing results for my clients using my hypnotherapy skills, adding in the tools Natasha teach’s around marketing, creating a package and conscious coaching took my business to a whole new level.

Natasha is amazing, I HIGHLY recommend working with her