Money and manifesting magic


I work with business women who love to manifest MORE money and opportunities into their life, just like you. The only problem is you feel more like a money martyr than a money magnet and it feels like others know some secret ingredient to manifesting that you missed the memo for. 

The thought of feeling stuck in the endless hustle to cover the bills each month quite frankly depresses you. Wouldn’t it be great to feel like money flowed to you with so much more ease? 

Money & Manifesting Magic will give you the transformational tools you need to rewrite your money story, magnetise more money in multiple (and unexpected!) ways and the key to unlock your manifesting magic. 

Sounds intriguing, right? 

Do you?

Struggle to magnetise or manifest money consistently, even though you may have done money mindset work before?

Feel like your manifesting wins may have been down to utter fluke?

Believe you have to work hard for your money? 

Feel like you lose money quicker than it comes in?

Wish you could be the one sharing your manifesting and money wins with your partner or biz bestie?

Any of that
sound like you?

Like lots of the women I work with, you’ve probably realised that money mindset work you did once is not enough to become truly magnetic to money. You want money, and lots of it - there’s no shame in that (and if there is then you definitely need this course). You want to celebrate your own money and manifesting mega-wins instead of just celebrating others from the sidelines. 

Imagine going from feeling lack or fear around money to becoming a Money Magnet and manifesting like a pro?


Going from feeling lack or fear around money to becoming a Money Magnet and manifesting like a pro?

Picture scheduling in some down-time and an unexpected payment notification pinging on your phone or waking up to sales whilst you’ve slept

What would it mean to you to have more clients and more income for your family?

Imagine having a deep trust that more money is always coming your way (and it actually happening!)

What rewriting how you think, feel and act around money could do for your bank balance and bottom line? 

How many more people you could help if you felt safe and abundant around money? 

Having the confidence and inner knowing you can manifest anything you put your mind to?

These are the exact results from clients who once felt the same way you do around money and manifesting. 

That’s where my Money & Manifesting Magic course can change your business and your life, taking you from feeling like a manifesting mishap to a money manifesting queen in just 4 weeks.


Money & Manifesting Magic is a 4 week self study course broken down into 4 powerful modules to help you create the right foundations to boost your money and manifesting magnetism. 

This includes a powerful recorded Subconscious Success Imprinting session to help unlock the true missing ingredient in money & manifesting magic (clue: its not just about how you think and feel about money).

But it doesn’t end there. You’ll get my top 10 tips on manifesting EVERYTHING I desire. Including: how I manifested a worldwide audience (48 countries and counting), winning multiple awards (hello award-winning coach!) and my life partner and soon to be dream home. I will even throw in a workshop on how to create an irresistible offer that will help you make your investment back from this course ten times over.

What would life be like if you ...

1000% believe you are enough and are in fact, a money magnet.

Could attract money and opportunities in all ways, always.

Could rewrite your money story for yourself AND your future generations

Understood the missing ingredient to manifesting and magnetising more money?

Trusted you could have anything you desire?

Confidently put out an irresistible offer that can even make you money whilst you sleep?

Unlike other courses you’ve tried out there, this one uses my unique approach, Success Imprinting: 4 Levels of Transformational Healing,  which combines the power of working with the conscious & subconscious mind, heart, energy and action to get you rapid money and manifesting magical results. This is a key piece of the puzzle that has transformed my relationship with money, going from barely being able to save to having half a million in my bank accounts. 

Unlike other online courses, this course addresses the missing link to boosting your Money & Manifesting Magic, because it focuses on transforming YOU as well as your relationship with money. 

You will not only attract more money and opportunities in the most wonderful and unexpected ways, you will learn how to create an irresistible offer that will make you money immediately. You will also notice an impact on your energy that will magnetise more abundance your way and multiply your manifesting magic tenfold!

Are you excited? I am excited!

client results...

 “I discovered deep blocks around money and receiving. It’s no coincidence I have seen my busiest month in terms of taking on new clients after doing this work with Natasha”


“Just after doing the powerful money magnet hypnosis included I jumped onto call and the client signed up for a second package with me!"



“This must have done something as I just won a £100 amazon voucher in a giveaway thats hundreds of people entered! Totally unexpected!”


“I listened to the recordings and a huge shift happened almost immediately! I made myself more visible online, an amazing testimonial came through and another income stream opened up.” 


hello I’m Natasha


Incase you haven't heard of me, here is why I am qualified to help you achieve the freedom, success and transformation you crave. I have over 14 years experience coaching people to create positive transformation in their lives. I have helped thousands of women learn to love and believe in themselves and experience rapid transformation in all areas of their lives and businesses. I have master's level qualifications in psychology, behaviour change and social work as well as advanced hypnotherapy.

My life and business changed dramatically when I added subconscious mindset work to my tools. My approach to transformation combines advanced hypnotherapy, my S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Formula™ coaching and energy work with aligned success strategies, and organic marketing strategies to dramatically explode success. I am so grateful I get to pass this knowledge and transformation onto my clients too.


This is the first time I have bundled all of these powerful workshops together in this way. AND because it’s a self study option it’s a lower investment than it would normally cost to work with me (but the work is just as powerful!). 

For the next 24 hours only you can purchase this for a crazy price of just £99 (normal price will be £397)