Business Workshop Library
Authentic Selling Kendrick Shope

Kendrick Shope Expert Session - Foundations of Authentic Selling

This incredible workshop with Kendrick takes you through her 6 foundations of authentic selling.

Speaking Tips Dani Wallace

Dani Wallace is a public speaking coach, motivational speaker and fearless leader of the I Am The Queen Bee Movement. She is going to be spilling the tea on how you can use your story to SPEAK your business and mission message!

Dani will share with you how you can use your story to fill your sales funnel with more of your ideal people, convert more of them into loyal clients and generate new revenue streams.

Facebook Groups - Abbie Cornall

How to Start and Grow A Profitable Facebook Group. 

This is a Masterclass not to be missed if you want to have your own community and all the tips, tricks and tools to grow it.

PR:Raising the Bar Jo Swann

What is PR and Why should you care?

Jo Swann delivers a Masterclass sharing secrets from her 15 years of experience in PR and her previous experience as a Journalist. 

5 Day Challenges Natasha Bray

Running a 5 Day Challenge with Natasha Bray.

Learn how to use a 5 day challenge as a launch strategy, a way to bring new people into your Facebook group, to build your audience and create more engagement within your group.

High Ticket Sales Jane Baker

Jane Baker talks about High Ticket Selling and how you can leverage this in your business.

Jane talks about breaking down the myths around High Ticket Selling and the three key steps to selling in your business.

Life Detox Louise Westra

Louise Westra is an Australian trained Naturopath, who collaborates with female entrepreneurs and executive level professionals who want to truly up-level their health and realise its potential.

Her signature approach is straightforward, honest, and creates the best energy levels and quality of life possible. In this Masterclass Louise will show you strategies to support your physical body as well as your emotional and mental health.

Published Positioned Powerful - Abi Horne

In what some are calling the most valuable publishing insights of the decade, Abigail Horne  reveals her signature system for bringing a book into your business and exploding your results.

If you’re tired of struggling to get that YES from clients…

Sick of throwing money down the drain into the online “Black Hole” of paid advertising…

Or just want to create a waitlist of dream clients for your business…

Then Abi will be one of the most knowledgeable, game-changing experts you will come across online.

If you want to FINALLY discover what’s working for others, and the truth around all aspects of publishing, then “Published, Positioned & Powerful” will be a game changer for you.

Master Your Message Cate Butler Ross

Kate Butler Ross’ Masterclass includes four sections 

  • Master your message
  • The High Priority Problem
  • Using Your Story to Create A Connection
  • Storylines, Elevators and UVPs

Kate is a copy and content expert with more than 15 years experience writing & editing for top UK magazines and creating content for leading household brands. She now helps heart-led entrepreneurs and visionary leaders create magnetic messaging and find their voice online.

Money Consciousness Hariette Hale

Harriette Hale is a Money Consciousness Coach who works with her clients on an energetic level combining money consciousness with money mindset work. 

During this Masterclass Harriette will share her story and her success tips with you.

Nail your Niche - Shamoni Gilani

Here is what you can expert to discover in the Nail your Niche, Claim Your Expertise Masterclass 

✔️ The biggest misconceptions of niching how to doing it the aligned way will mean you won’t sacrificing any of your passions or feel like you are excluding anyone

✔️ Why niching is not just important for your prosperity but also for your sanity!

 ✔️ The top 10 mistakes heart centred entrepreneurs make when trying to niche down and what they can do instead to position themselves powerfully to be the go-to-expert in their field

✔️Why getting your niching right is critical to getting your messaging spot on

✔️ The 7 core ways to narrow down your niche so you can claim your expertise to feel like the Neo in Your Niche

Soul'd Out Through Social Masterclass Natasha Bray

In Soul’d Out Through Social, Natasha will take you on the real behind-the-scenes of the selling and marketing approach of a 7 figure business (did you know Natasha’s  audience is only a few thousand big too?!). Natasha’s growth organically is unheard of in the business world. And she doesn't hold anything back. Your success is her success! Together you can have a much bigger ripple effect. Natasha shows you EVERYTHING exactly how she has done it to grow her business to where it is now.

6 keys to make your website and offerings stand out from the crowd post covid - prema gaia

Prima shares her journey and pilgrimage where she learns how to heal and help people. Prima went on a 5 year pilgrimage and has spent 15 years teaching people about marketing, business, leadership and coaching from her unique perspective. Join Prima to learn the 6 keys to making you stand out from the crowd in these times of covid.

Money & Investment Workshop - Claire Sweet

Your Financial Friend Masterclass - Investing for Women. 

Join Claire as she gives you expert advice on why you should invest, learn about investing and the risks,the key rules to investing, and  what you should never invest in.

Podcasting - Anna Parker-Naples

Why You Should Start A Podcast Masterclass. 

Join Anna as she talks us through everything about podcasts. How you can create Impact, Authority and Opportunity from a podcast, as well as the statistics around podcasts and why it is a must for your business.

Anna talks about overcoming your objections and fears, and talks us through how to start and launch your very own podcast.