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Natasha Leigh Bray and Your Next Six Figures

Your Book Bonuses

These three book bonuses are here to deepen and support you on your journey to Your Next Six Figures.

Please note: The audios are a form of hypnosis and involve being put into a deeply relaxed hypnotic state, so find a quiet space where you will have privacy to either sit or lay down as you play them. Please make sure you are not driving or operating heavy machinery whilst listening and do not use these recordings if you have epilepsy or psychotic illness.

Safe Success Imprint Audio

To be listened to as much as you like whilst working through Your Next Six Figures.

Success Imprinting Taster Session

To be completed after you have come to the end of chapter 8. You will now be taken on a powerful journey into your heart where, together, we will uncover a key life relationship that is currently holding you back from your next six-figure leap, and heal it on a mind, heart and soul level so you can receive and hold more success and wealth. You will also experience a magical reconnection to your higher self to receive guidance from her for your next steps in your business.